Confocal microscopy

Microscopic examinations and analyses are considered the gold standard for assessing pathogenic tissue changes.  Invasiveness, a restriction of the diagnostics to the area from which the tissue sample was excised, and a time delay between sample extraction and providing a diagnosis are disadvantages of traditional methods.
In vivo examinations using confocal laser scanning microscopy have the benefit of a non-invasive procedure and time savings. This method facilitates the precise differentiation by the physician between pathogenic and healthy tissue and is not restricted to an excised tissue sample. The examined skin regions remain unchanged and are available for subsequent standard histological methods.

The in vivo device VivaScope® 1500, delivers an in-depth view into living tissue within its natural environment - confocal laser scanning microscopy opens a window into skin. Reflections caused by differences in the refractive index of the constituents of skin make it possible to use confocal laser scanning microscopy without external contrasting agents.

The VivaScope® 1500 offers researchers and users in the fields of medicine and cosmetics the possibility of optical examinations of skin in real time. This provides an in vivo, non-invasive view into the epidermis and the dermis all the way down to the upper stratum reticulare. A near-infrared laser (830 nm) is directed onto the individual skin sections where it is reflected. Melanin and keratin act as natural contrast agents due to their relatively high refractive index. The device generates black and white images of skin in an optimal quality. Cellular microstructures of skin can be depicted cell by cell in horizontal optical cross-sections (approx. 5.0 µm section thickness).
Source: MAVIG GmbH München


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