AgCuDerm - Joint Project

The goal of this collaborative project was the development of a production plant for the production of dermatological products with addition of electrolytically produced copper and silver ions. Our task in the joint project was to research, develop and safeguard recipes for compatibility in user studies (in vivo / in vitro).

By executing this project, AgCuDerm 02PK2274, the Dermatest GmbH had the opportunity to adapt novel, aqueous and ionic solutions for the cosmetics sector to existing test methods. The investigations of ionic solutions and topical formulations with silver and copper ions on skin models and in final application tests brought new insights and the know-how in the laboratory could be increased. This allows Dermatest to take advantage of this research project to offer innovative tests for its customers in dermatological testing.
The Dermatest GmbH supported the development of this external formulation with regard to its harmlessness, tolerability and efficacy with the know-how in biochemical processing techniques (Phenion 3D skin models, ELISA (TNF-α, IL-6, IL-8) (Corneometry, D-Squames) under dermatological control with dermatological assessment (SCORAD).


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