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Throughout life the skin plays an important part in the body image and self-esteem. It also protects from environmental stresses, regulates temperature, maintains the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance, excretes metabolic waste and plays a key part in the sensations of touch, pain and pressure.
Skin changes are one of the most significant and visible features that occur with ageing and are often the informal evidence people use to determine someone’s age. As the population ages, common skin disorders of the elderly demand greater attention.
Changes in ageing skin and age related diseases are often combined. The large numbers of clinical, histologic, and physiologic changes that characterize old skin are increasingly implicated in its vulnerability to environmental injury and certain diseases, such as diabetes mellitus (DM) and rosacea.
These pathologies can be characterized by moderate and severe skin appearance abnormalities and dysfunction. 
Skin manifestations may precede the diagnosis of diabetes. It is suggested that the lesions of diabetic dermopathy may be a marker for the severity of internal complications.
Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder affecting the facial convexities, characterized by frequent flushing, persistent erythema, and telangiectases. During episodes of inflammation additional features are swelling, papules and pustules. 

Aim of the SuperFlex project
The SuperFlex project aims to develop and demonstrate the concept of modular mini-factories to manufacture personalized skincare products for the elderly population. The project will consider scientifically capable skin-parameters and skin-profiles and then design, produce and demonstrate an onsite manufacturing platform based on modular min-factory units and an ICT cloud-based platform. The concept will be low cost and environmentally friendly.
The novel products will be personalized and designed to answer to the elderly specific skin profiles derived from the customers’ individual skin biomarkers and health status.
Personalized skin care products pave the way for a new approach of more effective skin preparations due to the increasing awareness to the variability in skin conditions and supported by innovative technologies, capable of identifying specific biomarkers’ profiles for accurate personalized skin condition diagnosis and customized treatments.


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