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Dermatest starts cooperation with Monasterium Laboratory

Monasterium Laboratory (ML) provides research, preclinical, and clinical services for dermatology applications, and specializes in hair and skin physiology and pathology, in state-of-the-art in vitro cell models, ex vivo organ culture models, and clinical trials. ML also develops custom-designed assays to address specific research questions to meet customer needs, in addition to individually tailored skin- and hair-targeting agents as part of a discovery program. ML works closely with industry through collaborative research projects that are aimed to identify new targets and products for skin and hair follicle care and disorders.

Dermatest and Monasterium Laboratory have decided to intensify their cooperation, particularly in the field of hair and skin in vivo studies, in order to provide our customers with an even more diverse range of tests and more specific results.

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Air Pollution!
Das beste Testdesign am Markt von Dermatest®

Die direkte und validierte Nachweismethode zur Untersuchung der Effizienz von kosmetischen Erzeugnissen gegen Feinstaubbelastung.

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Henkel and Dermatest intensify their business relations

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Dermatest and Henkel have confirmed their intention to closer cooperate in the field of in in vitro dermatological testing, based on the innovative Phenion® Full-Thickness (FT) Skin Model.

The agreement between both companies will strengthen Henkel’s position as Dermatest’s preferred supplier of full-thickness skin equivalents, whereas Dermatest will benefit from the long-standing experiences of the Henkel scientists in dermatology and in vitro methods.

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